MobileGoPlus is a compact and powerful mobile welding fume extractor. It is designed as an entry level extractor or for welding processes that produce little fume. This unit can easily be moved around the workshop to extract the fumes where needed. The welding fume extractor is fitted with a single use filter. MobileGo has a W3 marking and can be used in steel and stainless steel applications.

The MobileGoPlus is always combined with a KUA extraction arm. The KUA arm is the number 1 choice of our customers. The MobileGoPlus is a basic extractor for welding applications. The filter capacity of the MobileGoPlus is almost double of the standard model, namely 26m2.

The MobileGoPlus is recommended when you use 2 coils of solid welding wire or 15 kg of welding electrodes per month.


This mobile fume extractor is an ideal entry level solution for auto repair shops, welding schools, technical colleges, small workshops and the agricultural sector.